A grassroots-built streaming platform to fund and showcase the independent film space


We are boot-strapping!

Help us build something spectacular from scratch, using only our connections and creativity. The not-yet-branded site will spread the word and initiate a crowdfunding movement via word-of-mouth.

You could help by joining our Discord server – to follow our journey and engage with other supporters – or even just giving us a valid name, email and/or phone number in one of our forms. It lets us keep you up to date on our progress, but also show investors that there is interest.

Prompted by a lack of funds and resources, a group of avid film crew members and indie producers have teamed up to build their own platform and collect subscription fees to put toward original content. No more film concept submissions or countless pitches, begging for money to make projects happen. Independent producers, you know what this means.

A social enterprise, bringing a powerful value proposition to 1up the tired status quo. No longer, will millennial and post-millennial film enthusiasts settle for mediocrity and lacklustre user experiences of today's film streaming platforms. We want more; and more, we will get.
Let us keep you up to date, invite you to film events (in the Vancouver, BC area).

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Carefully Curated

Indeed, short films and web series (films and episodes 10-15 mins long) can be easily found online. The challenge our space faces is the lack of quality content. Films are still expensive to make, and people are going to make them and post them online within their means. That results in everyone thinking that short films aren't powerful enough when really they are simply missing the gems that are very hard to find when you are looking for quality.


This platform solves two major pains for film enthusiasts:

  • One solution is that it doesn't allow just anyone to upload content. Content has to be submitted and professionally curated by a panel of curators, just as it would be for a film festival. This ensures the delivery of only high-calibre content to audiences.

  • The other solution is the same curation process to short-list film productions and then choose only the highest-quality content to fund and take into production.

Imagine the difference this could make, and help us elevate filmmakers.

  Eliminating Barriers

You might wonder, "How come I can't just see films from festivals online?".

Here are two big reasons, nevermind the rest:

  • Film producers of the precious, precious gems you see at festivals certainly want to put it online. However, they still need to get back the $15,000 to $30,000 they sank into their short film. They can't just write that money off and upload it to Vimeo for all to see.

  • On the other hand, currently paid streaming platforms are not focused on IP (Independent Production) content since they are pre-occupied with their efforts to please only mainstream audiences. So they certainly are not letting IPs into their inner circles anytime soon.

To solve this, we are bootstrapping from scratch and building something that does work. Now, we are going to pay for IPs ourselves, just so that we don't have to go to expensive film festivals just to watch a short film or web series.


With a focus on the "user experience" (as it is called in the technology space), our vision is to listen actively and with intent. that means not just saying, "yeah we hear you", but actually showing you that you have been heard. Our goal is to find a way that people can customize the platform just enough to not be expensive for us, but still give the user some flexibility. That's called "delivering value".


Using analytics ('feeling'), we are going to see which content creators are getting the most views on their most real stories and focus on helping those creators with extra funding. Those creators are showing you the deepest parts of their hearts, and we want to draw forth the emotions that we all adore film festivals for ('feeling', again).


We are a social enterprise. What that means is we are not a non-profit, per se, but we do have a social mission. Our vision is to be able to create a public, read-only ledger so that you see our executives and partners are living within their means. The objective is to truly bootstrap this in order to expand rapidly by investing back into the platform so that we can fund more creators.

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Taking a survey helps us gauge demand and gain insight into what people want to see, and show stakeholders what consumers want us to build. Taking the survey is completely anonymous, so the information isn't super valuable unless people are honest. Write freely. We are indeed listening and want to keep up as best we can!

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